Friday, September 22, 2017

Writing About What You Love?

Writing About What You Love?
That's the most common cliché amongst bloggers, online experts and internet entrepreneurs. I'm sure you heard it before. I utilized this advice myself. It goes like this: If you want to make money online, you got pick a topic that you're passionate about. You need to enjoy it, else it won't work.

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I used to agree with it, one hundred percent. Lately, however, I started calling into question that rule. Creating a site on a topic that you love is certainly a great technique, and it does work well for many individuals, but I'm not sure if it's the only way to go. The first flaw I see on that rule is the following fact: if the niche or topic you love isn't a profitable one, it will be pretty hard to make a lot of money online with it no matter what you do.

Suppose you love tea. Should you write about it if you want to make money online? I am not sure. You could certainly create a popular website around tea, but if you decided to go with a more profitable niche instead, while putting the same effort and time, you could end up making much more income.

One argument that people use to back up the “you got write about what you love” theory is the fact that if you choose a topic merely because it is profitable, soon you will lose the motivation. If you write about something you love, on the other hand, you will have content for years to come. This is partially true, but not completely, because some people get motivated by the pure desire of making money or becoming successful.

In other words, if they start a website on a profitable niche and see that their efforts is bringing a good amount of money, they will get motivated no matter what the topic is. They will even do research and learn about it if needed. So what is my position now? I think that both strategies can work.
Choosing a niche or topic because you love it is a good route to success, but choosing a profitable one and approaching it scientifically can be equally successful.

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